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Deja Vu ar bori’r we

Efallai bod chi borwyr cynnar y we â diddordeb yng ngwefan http://www.dejavu.org/

Gallwch chi bori’r Uwchdraffordd Gwybodaeth fel ei bod hi’n ’93.

This site is devoted to the history of the web. Not only will we remind you by telling what the web was like. Our main attraction is a timemachine that brings you back to any web era as defined by the browser version predominant at that time. For it is a browser emulator. If you are one of the early pioneers of the web, hepatitis we believe that you will “feel again you” as we say in Sweden. Get a colourful flashback (or déjà vu, treat as they say in France) of those happy days when the Net was all painted in Mosaic grey.

(diolch am y tip off Dafydd!)