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Dyfyniad diddorol o Wales on the Web (2005) gan Andrew Green

Mae Wales on the Web yn lyfryn bach sydd yn ceisio sôn am gynnwys unigryw Cymreig ar y we a lle oedd yr anghenion am ymyrryd er mwyn gwella natur, symptoms safon a chyrhaeddiad cynnwys Cymreig ar y we.

Dyma oedd ganddo i’w ddweud am gynnwys Cymraeg:

“Finally in this section it is worth looking briefly at the role of the internet in giving a virtual voice to the Welsh language. There is no better example of the global dominance of the English language than the Web. If the Welsh language is to survive and thrive, info it must do so on all recording media, site not only the traditional ones such as print and broadcasting. A weakness of the Assembly Government’s strategy for the future of the Welsh language, Iaith Pawb, is that it is very cautious about measures to promote the Welsh language and its use on the internet. A recent strategy document by the Welsh Language Board, Information technology and the Welsh language, begins to fill this gap, though it concentrates on technologies rather than content.”

Green, A. (2005) Wales on the Web. IWA: The Gregynog Papers. (tt.25)

Ar wahân i Golwg360, pa mor bell mae’r pendil wedi symud at ganolbwyntio ar gynnwys yn hytrach na’r dechnoleg?